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Lost there virginity

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I lost my virginity late, in my early 20s. But maybe the bigger reason was that no boys liked me. When I got a scholarship to study at Oxford University, aged 21, my entire aim was to meet a boy and have sex, which is crazy. Eventually I was introduced to someone wonderful and we began dating.
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7 YouTubers Get Real About Losing Their Virginity

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What to Know Before Your First Time Having Sex | Teen Vogue

In order to help debunk some of the harmful and confusing myths around the subject, we spoke to a variety of sex experts, psychologists and regular people about what losing your virginity means, and how to go about getting it done the right way. The concept of losing your virginity is not as simple as many people make it out to be. Traditionally, losing your virginity has meant engaging in penetrative sexual intercourse, whether penis-in-vagina or penis-in-anus. However, not everyone sees it as that. But there is great variation and it seems young folks are more open to seeing sex as an experience that can involve a range of acts — not simply a singular one.
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'One of us knew roughly what to do' – six celebrities on losing their virginity

Despite what you see on TV and in movies, having sex for the first time is rarely romantic, pleasant, or sexy. Sure, it can be—in theory. It was with my boyfriend on our one-year anniversary. My anxiety got the best of me, and I freaked out and told him to stop after the first thrust. Plus, I was the first one of my friends to have sex, so no one could tell me what to expect.
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Five years ago I wrote an essay for Salon about being a year-old virgin. At the time, a man who identified as an incel had murdered several people. The article did nothing to really dissuade the incel movement. And in some circles the man who murdered those people has been elevated as a saint.

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